The Dynamic Duo:

Caitlin Peters and Scott Gamble are joining forces to bring you some kick ass art at Fan Expo 2014!

We'll be doing some fund raising for the months of June & July to try and cover the costs of the booth.

We also just really like making stuff for cool people like you.

We look forward to your requests, and we hope to see you at Fan Expo!


Cait's work oozes with style and cool, like a bowl of superkid ice cream mixed with X-Men sprinkles, except more awesome.

Most works are gouache on wood panel.

Price range:
$25 - $75 (depending on size)
Commission Cait!

Scott eats sleeps and breathes character art. He wishes he was a robot, or space wizard, or a cool knight or something.

Works are mix of digital or pen and ink on paper.

Price range:
$10 - $60 (depending on size)
Commission Scott!

Robots. X-Men. Space Wizards. Sprinkles. Think About It.

Want to ask us something? Got a specific request?

Still not sure what you want?

Drop us a line and let's figure out something awesome together!